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Pioneering Remote Support Services


We are proud to be one of Ohio's premier remote support suppliers. We provide HPC services, create unique remote support solutions, install the solutions we develop, and monitor them, all in our state-of-the-art support center.  


Each system is uniquely designed for the home it is placed in. This means we personally visit the home, communicate directly with the individual, and get input from the team regarding what is needed to build the most valuable solutions.  Once the system is installed our individuals are required to do very little to maintain the operation of the system on site. 

The systems may include, but are not limited to; emergency pendants, perimeter security, audio and/or video monitoring, environmental controls, fire monitoring, medication monitoring, and reminder calls.  Each of these systems have two-way voice communication, battery backup and even tamper sensors.  

No matter what the need is, we have a solution!

Remote Support: Service
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