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The Remote Support Specialist (RSS) provides remote support services to the consumer which will help the consumer ensure health and safety without direct care staff in the home.  Without this help, the consumer may require the presence of direct care staff, or institutionalization.

The RSS will supervise and assist the consumer with areas identified in the ISP, and will assist the consumer to maintain a safe environment during periods of monitoring.  Providing input and communication to the administration to guarantee the consumer maintains the highest level of independence is necessary.  The RSS will assist in or perform the duties outlined below in accordance with the ISP.  The RSS provides:

  • All items of a consumer’s ISP which specifically indicate Wynn-Reeth is responsible for completing;

  • Personal interaction to assist the consumer to reach and maintain the highest level of safety and security in their home;

  • Assistance to the consumer with medication reminders, as required.  This will be done in accordance with all medication administration regulations set by ODODD;

  • Assurance off the proper functionality of all monitoring equipment;

  • Assessment, monitoring, and supervising the consumer's safety, health, and welfare;

  • Completion of all work on shift before leaving;

  • Reporting of any needed repairs to the IT Specialist or administration;

  • Knowledge of all emergency policies and performing first aid and CPR if necessary;

  • Completion of documentation as assigned;

  • Assistance to coordinate with the individual/guardian, family members, and designated person as applicable, to assist in the coordination of services;

  • Real time monitoring of the consumers residence, and must be awake at all times;

  • Telephone support for all consumers and their support team members during incidents;

  • Notification to backup support staff during times of need;

  • Notification to emergency personnel such as police, fire, emergency medical services, and psychiatric crisis response entities;

  • Immediate assessment of a situation and call the consumer’s local emergency number first, if that is deemed necessary, and then contact backup support staff.  During these times the RSS will stay engaged with the consumer until emergency personnel or the backup support staff arrive;

  • Assistance to non-emergency situations as specified in the ISP or care protocol;

  • Reporting for all Unusual Incidents or Major Unusual Incidents that occur during periods of monitoring;

  • Maintain professional conduct & appearance while working around county officials, members of the community, interagency personnel, etc.

Remote Support Specialist: Employment
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