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Creating Opportunities for Greater Independence


Allowing for people to function with the greatest level of independence is paramount to us.  Sometimes the only thing they need to accomplish this is a simple Environmental Modification.  This flexible service provides a custom solution to each person.

Environmental Modifications are internal and external physical adaptations to the home, which are required to ensure the health, safety, and welfare to our clients. These modifications can consist of any adaptation necessary to ensure safety while allowing individuals to function with greater independence at home. 

It may include the installation of ramps and grab bars, widening of doorways, modifications to bathrooms - roll in showers for example, or even the installation of specialized electric and plumbing systems to accommodate medical supplies and equipment. Automatic and manual door openers, doorbells, and adaptive shelving are also common types of environmental modifications. 

These modifications are adaptions put into place to replace or decrease the amount of direct human assistance for the individual inside their home and they allow our individuals to have more independence in the comforts of their home. It allows our clients to live more independently while maintaining their health and increasing safety. 

If you are interested in investigating options for home health and environmental modifications, contact us and we can find a solution that is best for you. 



Environmental Modifications: Service
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