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Proudly Serving Ohio's Developmental Disabilities Community Since 1994

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Local Direct-Support Professionals Here to Serve You

Thank you for visiting Wynn-Reeth, Inc. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities throughout Ohio by providing the best quality direct-support professionals and technology solutions.


To encourage and support both individuals as well as staff to develop meaningful relationships and to live happy, and healthy lives, and to develop independence, purposeful and meaningful experiences along with fully integrating people into their community as they choose.


Our purpose is to provide clients with a positive, understanding, and safe environment that allows them to feel respected, connected and supported in their life and daily activities. 

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Wynn-Reeth would not be possible without its valuable employees. We know the difference a good employee makes and that is why we offer many benefits such as Medical Insurance, Retirement Plans, Vacation Days, Personal Days, and Flexible Schedules. We are always accepting applications, so if you feel like you have what it takes and would like to be part of our team this is where you start.



The Residential Training Specialist (RTS) provides services to the consumer which will help the individual meet daily living needs, for without this help, they may require institutionalization.  The RTS will supervise and assist the consumer in the implementation and further demonstration of all ISP goals, and provide input to the support team to guarantee the consumer reaches his/her highest potential and functioning level.

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The Day Service Specialist (DSS) provides services to the client which will help the individual meet daily living needs.  The DSS will supervise and assist the client in the implementation and further demonstration of all ISP goals, and provide input to the support team to guarantee the client reaches his/her highest potential and functioning level.

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The Remote Support Specialist (RSS) provides remote support services to the consumer which will help the consumer ensure health and safety without direct care staff in the home.  Without this help, the consumer may require the presence of direct care staff, or institutionalization.

We appreciate your interest in our company and are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Every application will be reviewed and will be confidential for your benefit. We will keep all applications on file for a period of one year.


Most importantly, we recognize that we are in the business of creating the best life possible for everyone we come in contact with.  Our ultimate goal is to provide each of our consumers with independence, empowerment, and every opportunity that you and I have.  Our agency has been blessed with great team members that make this all happen, and we want to share that gift with you.  Employment with Wynn-Reeth isn't just a job, it means that you have an equally important role on the team and that, together we can make our communities a better place.  Imagine employment where you are truly valued and each of your gifts and talents are freely welcomed!


Our direct-support professionals provide in-home care that aligns with requirements of an Individual Support Plan to ensure health and safety, provide appropriate nutrition, assist in personal hygiene, administer medications, provide transportation, positively reinforce good decision making, assist in recreation, and other activities to enhance independent daily living skills.  Other responsibilities include flawless maintenance of required documentation and excellent verbal and written communication with appropriate parties such as Service and Support Administrators, House Managers, Program Coordinators, guardians and family members.

Requirements are as follows:​

  • Maintain a valid driver's license with fewer than 6 points

  • Provide proof of valid auto insurance

  • Have a clean record check (BCII, Abuser Registry, Nurse Aide Registry)

  • Have an ability to work with people with disabilities while demonstrating care and commitment

  • Be an effective team player with exceptional verbal and written communication skills

  • Provide keen attention to detail and an ability to follow detailed plans accurately, including but not limited to medication administration

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Personalized Supports for all of your Daily Needs

On March 9, 1994 Wynn-Reeth, Inc. opened with just one client, one home, one van, and one purpose to provide a better life for a man who lived his whole life without a place to call home. It was our goal to provide this person, and others alike, with the greatest opportunities life could give. The result was the transformation of an individual from severe behavioral problems to being the most wonderful person one could ever know. Such success was made possible through the dedication of his staff and support team. The tradition has been carried out since that time through the delivery of similar services to all individuals served by our agency. We feel that our success has been earned by the very talented staff that we have working for us, and that we will never be able to show our full appreciation for these heroes.


Professional. Reliable. Qualified Practitioners.

Our homemaker-personal care services include a variety of services and supports necessary for the health and welfare of each person we serve.  They enable each client to live in the community, engage in activities of daily living, personal hygiene, dressing, feeding and all other activities that we have all been blessed with the opportunity to partake in on a regular basis.


Pioneering Remote Support Services

What sets us apart from the competition is where we are rooted!  Our family owned company started providing HPC services in 1994 and has expanded our services to include this revolutionary new service.  For many people, remote monitoring is an excellent way to experience greater periods of freedom and independence in their home!


Community Inclusion for Everyone

This unique service has been designed to allow each person served to experience person-centered opportunities for recreational activities and community integration.


Safe.  Dependable.  Friendly.

This exciting program allows us to ensure that the people we serve have the opportunity to
access the community resources they desire.  In this case, our transportation program allows for them to have access to; their place of employment, adult day
support, or even vocational habilitation.


Simple Solutions for a Better Life

Our AT solutions are part of a comprehensive service designed to enable our clients to better perform daily activities or to better communicate within their environment.


Creating Opportunities for Greater Independence

Allowing for people to function with the greatest level of independence is paramount to us.  Sometimes the only thing they need to accomplish this is a simple Environmental Modification.  This flexible service provides a custom solution to each person.


Help at the Touch of a Button

Without this valuable technology, many people may have no alternative to moving in to a nursing facility or similar institutional setting.  Personal Emergency Response Systems let our clients stay in their home longer.


Items You Need to Access the Community You Love

The unique waiver service fills in the gaps and provides a way to access equipment and supplies you may otherwise not have access to.  Accessing this service is often like opening the door to a whole new world.

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