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Kim and Marcia


The Residential Training Specialist (RTS) provides services to the consumers to assist them in meeting essential daily living necessities.  The health service professional will supervise and assist the consumer in the implementation and further demonstration of all ISP goals and provide input to the support team to guarantee that the consumer will reach their highest potential and functioning level. 

The RTS will assist in or perform the duties outlined below in accordance with the ISP.

Personal interaction is necessary to assist the consumer to reach and maintain the highest level of appropriate social skills. The health service professional will be responsible for performing household services essential to the consumer's health and comfort in the home of the consumer. Incidental neighborhood errands as necessary, including accompanying the consumer to medical and other appropriate appointments and accompanying the consumer on short walks and other activities outside the home. 

Assessing, monitoring, and supervising the client's safety, health, and welfare is an important aspect of this rewarding employment opportunity. All RTS are responsible for knowing all emergency policies and performing first aid and CPR if necessary. 

This position reports directly to the Home Management Specialist. 

Residential Training Specialist: Employment
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