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The Day Service Specialist (DSS) provides services to the client which will help the individual meet daily living needs.  The DSS will supervise and assist the client in the implementation and further demonstration of all ISP goals, and provide input to the support team to guarantee the client reaches his/her highest potential and functioning level.

The DSS will assist in or perform the duties outlined below in accordance with the ISP:

  • All items of a client’s ISP which specifically indicate Wynn-Reeth is responsible for completing;

  • Personal interaction to assist the client to reach and maintain the highest level of appropriate social skills;

  • Planning and coordinating a wide variety appropriate activities which focus on  community integration

  • Assist clients inside the aquatics area as wet/and dry staff

  • Implementing Behavior Support Plans for all clients that have them;

  • Assisting with bladder and/or bowel elimination or problems, including helping the client to and from the bathroom, or assisting the client with brief routines;

  • Assisting the client with medications, as required.  This will be done in accordance with all delegated nursing regulations set by DODD;

  • Cleaning and arranging for maintenance of equipment according to need;

  • Using and maintaining the company vehicle(s) according to policy;

  • Assessing, monitoring, and supervising the client's safety, health and welfare;

  • Reporting any needed repairs to the administration;

  • Knowing all emergency policies and performing first aid and CPR if necessary;

  • Completing documentation as assigned;

  • Reporting directly to the Day Service Coordinator;

  • Maintain professional conduct & appearance at all times;