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Memory Hall

Memory Hall opened in August 2020.

When we purchased the building, it was already named Memory Hall. We thought it was fitting because of all the memories being made here, so we decided to keep the name. 

Group Activities and Outings

Memory Hall Dance Party.JPEG

Dance Party

At Memory Hall, they are always having fun!  Julie and Rosie joining Marcee and Timmy during this day. 

memory hall trip to sunflower field_edited.jpg


Our friends love vising local businesses in the area! This day they went to see and learn about sunflowers and farm animals.

memory hall community cookout.jpeg

Community Cookout 

Memory Hall attended the Fremont community cookout! They enjoyed sunshine music, fellowship, and a hot dog lunch enjoyed by all!

Are you interesting in learning more about Memory Hall?

Our team would be happy to discuss more about the services and activities that take place at
Memory Hall with you.