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Financial Stability with Expert Assistance


To better round out the vast array of services provided to our consumers, we are pleased also to offer Money Management.  These services allow us to provide assistance to individuals who need support managing personal and financial affairs by providing financial counseling and helping them manage their Social Security benefits.

These services meet a continuum of individualized needs, from organizing and keeping track of financial records, to assisting with budgeting, bill paying, and maintaining bank accounts.  They also complement other services provided by professionals in the accounting, investment, and social services fields. Money Management includes a broad range of tasks determined necessary in the individual service plan, such as;  

  • Balancing checkbooks

  • Reconciling bank statements

  • Maintaining or organizing bank records

  • Completing necessary ledgers

  • Paying rent, utilities, and other bills

  • Issuing spending money

  • Assisting with annual reporting requirements

Adaptive & Assistive Technology  Solutions: Service
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