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Why Should You Choose Adult Day Programs over Assisted Living

When a family member or loved one cannot fully care for themselves, those responsible for them start to worry and have stress. The family begins to consider if they should move their loved one into a full-time assisted living facility, in-home care, or other option. While there is a time when each of those could be a good option, we have another recommendation. Instead of assisted living or full-time in-home care, the family could consider an Adult Day Program.

There are many benefits of Adult Day Programs including:

1. Adult Day Programs keep consumers active and social.

When your loved one is in an adult day program, they will be going to a facility during specified hours where they will have the opportunity to engage not only with caregivers but the other consumers as well to ensure they maintain a healthy social life. Additionally, the day program may take the consumers on field trips to local parks or other establishments allowing the consumer to experience a normal life, instead of being inside the building all day. This helps to keep consumers happy and healthy.

2. Provides a sense of independence.

While it is known that consumers are unable to care for themselves fully, they may still have some ability to complete daily tasks. Being at a day program will foster independence by allowing the consumer to live at their house and engage in the activities they are able to complete, but still, have some help during the day while their normal caregivers are at work or unable to assist them. Adult day programs will allow the consumer to complete all activities they are capable of and provide them with support in any way they need.

3. Allows the client to have a sense of normality.

For those consumers who require assistance due to age or illness, it may be difficult for them to understand why they need to leave their homes and everything g they've worked for to move into a full-time assisted living facility. Adult day programs are a good choice if they don't need full-time assistance or have a live-in caregiver that only needs help for certain hours of the day. This will allow the consumer to stay in their own home's comfort and lead a normal life as possible.

Learn more about our Adult Day Programs!

We have multiple locations for our Adult Day Programs, allowing family members to have options close to their homes. You can read more about our various locations and the services and activities we provide here.

Contact us for more information.

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